Google Fires another 4 Employees Over Repeated Violations

Google sent a memo to its staff on Monday announcing that it has fired four employees active in labor organizing this Monday.  The tech giant released a memo regarding the firing. The company previously fired two more employees citing repeated violations of its data security practices. In an email titled, “Securing Our Data” the company said that the employees violated its policies by sharing and accessing calendars and other internal documents.

The company wrote, “There’s been some misinformation circulating about this investigation, both internally and externally. We want to be clear that none of these individuals were fired for simply looking at documents or calendars during the ordinary course of their work.”

Jenn Kaiser, a spokeswoman for Google, who refused to elaborate on the issue confirmed the terminations.

Google’s latest releases are bound to aggravate the ongoing tension between its management and a group of employees. The faction has accused the technology company of ignoring cases of sexual harassment and unfair treatment of contract employees.  They have also pointed out Google’s fishy work with federal border agencies, the Defense Department and the Chinese government.

Controversy over Google’s stance

Google was once the driving force towards employee appreciation in Silicon Valley. It devised various office perks that are now mandatory for most top tech companies. It has influenced a generation of businesses due to its marketing about healthy relationships between management and employees.

The situation has put up some questions about the freewheeling corporate culture advertised by Google. The faction of employees suggests that the company does the stark opposite of what it says. The work environment may not be as open as advertised. The company also abolished many meetings that allow employees to ask questions about their management. It has recently made terms with a consulting firm that specializes in curbing employee unifications in companies.

More firings

A few days back, they sent two employees, Rebecca Rivers and Laurence Berland, on indefinite administrative leave. Goggle claimed that the workers had access to confidential information unnecessary for their job profile.  Two more employees were fired on Monday, but their identities are not known. The tech company clarified that these employees were also distributing information outside Google. One of them was keeping an eye on other workers through email notifications.

Both employees signed a petition which requested Google to cancel its agreements with Customs and Border Protection. 1,500 employees who claimed that the partnership introduced human rights violations supported the petition.

Google workers organized a rally this Friday at the company’s San Francisco Office. Over 100 attendees protested against the suspension of Rivers and Berland.


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